4 Forums that make turking easier

When it comes to Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk), you can go it alone to make money or you can utilize the power of forums to work smarter instead of harder to make money on mechanical turk.

There are many advantages to staying connected with forums:

  1. Most forums have recent hits with other mechanical turk workers letting you know how easy, fast, or even if the requester pays out.
  2. mTurk scripts! Scripts can be a godsend even if they make the work a fraction of a second faster. After all, when it comes to doing mTurk, time is money. Most scripts can be found on forums and you can even request help if you can’t get them to work.
  3. There usually separate boards to discuss websites similar to mTurk seeking people to complete human intelligence task jobs. These mechanical turk alternatives are a great way to keep the money train rolling when you can’t find any good turk jobs. I do suggest, however, when researching other sites like mechanical turk, that you don’t neglect to see if they have a payout minimum. For example, the pay might be better than mechanical turk but you have to earn $50.00 to cashout as opposed to the $1.00 of mTurk.
  4. See the reported income of people who are actively turking for a living. Some report just a few dollars a day, the average is $10 – $20 a day, while a select few blow it out of the water by making hundreds a day.
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So, what forum do I use?

If you google, mturk forum, you can probably find what you seek.

But here is a list of 4 forums that I actively use.

  1. mTurk Crowd
  2. mTurk Grind
  3. Turker Nation
  4. mTurk Forum

They are all pretty much interchangeable with the last 2 being a bit more active. I use all 4 because sometimes a hit will be on 1 forum before or not all on another and I am way to busy lazy to look for my own.

Do you have any other suggestions for future mTurkers? Or you an mTurker with a question? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll see what we can do.

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