Apple, Adblock, and Ad Revenue for social bloggers

In my google news feed, I read the news that Apple is now actively encouraging its customers to download an ad block software in IOS9.

My first thought was, and still remains, and “oh, noooo!!!” on behalf of my niche blog which is my biggest Adsense earner.

Unfortunately, a great deal of the traffic for that website comes via mobile devices and a healthy percentage of that are Apple devices.

Users of browsers and Android can already block ads to:

  • Save bandwidth
  • Increase pageload speed
  • Just block ads
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However, many people across the web don’t even know that ad blockers even exist.

Until now.

How will Apple's push of ad blocking software affect your blogging income-

On the other hand, a part of me cheered.

Because now:

  • social networking advertisement will become more important than ever.
  • an expected increase in sponsored posts and social shares.
  • the price that brands will be willing to pay will increase.
  • Google will probably find a way to beat Apple at its own game someday.

This move may actually be great for this, my lifestyle blog, and the only one on which I currently accept sponsored posts.

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I just hope that the uptick for one blog does not come at the expense of the other.

Especially as my niche blog is more or less passive income.

How will Apple’s push for ad blocking software affect your blogging income?CLICK TO TWEET

So, do you think that Apple’s strong push for its users to use any one of soon to be thousands of ad block software will affect your blogging income?

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