How to make sidebar have shadows behind boxes in sidebar

I only use the Atahualpa theme on all of my blogs but I imagine that code works on any website.

However, I am no website designer. So, I have no clue where you would put it on your website if you are using anything other than Atahualpa on WordPress.

As for Atahualpa, the steps are […]

How to make round corners on sidebar in Atahualpa theme

I love the Atahualpa theme. It is the free theme that I use on absolutely every one of my blogs.

But, for someone who does not speak a bit of html code, it can be a struggle to make my blogs pop design-wise.

While searching the Atahualpa forum for a solution to one problem, I […]

How to make your Atahualpa theme more mobile friendly

Update: I now use a plugin to make my Athaulpa blogs mobile responsive. Read the review by clicking here.

While checking my Google Adsense stats, I clicked on the links Multi-Screen, Site Health, and most importantly, Revenue Optimization.

Although I appreciate the help from Google, their suggestions is just so much coding hell for me.


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