How I saved $15.75 on groceries using coupons and mobile apps

September is declared the re-emergence of my coupon strategy.

I admit to having been a total slacker for months now. Ok, years…

But without a hourly job, saving money has become a prime focus for me lately.

Since it has been awhile since I have been a serious extreme couponer combined with the fact that I am currently without wheels, I decided to focus on groceries at one local supermarket (Farm Fresh).

Saving money with coupons and apps

Coupons: $6.50

The first step was printing out my handy coupons.

With the exception of the Dollar Tree, most of my local grocery stores happily accept printed coupons.

Plus, it is much more convenient for me as well as environmentally friendly than purchasing newspapers with the promise (yet again) that I will actually read the articles (never happens).

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$0.50 off 2 BOXES any Betty Crocker fruit snacks

$1.00 off 2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods$0.75 off 3 Larabar,Uber, Alt bars, RENOLA Pouches$1.00 off (10) Yoplait Yogurt

 Farm Fresh doubles coupons up to $1 every Wednesday so I saved double on all of these.

Farm Fresh also gives you $0.05 off if you bring your own bags and I had 2.

This is a savings of $6.60.

(The funny thing was a friend and Farm Fresh employee asked me if the coupons were “legal” and a stranger told me that they had rejected her coupons just this morning. Fraud or machine failure? I don’t know…)

I saved $6.60 at Farm Fresh with coupons and instant bag savings.

But before I left the house, I did one more thing.

Actually, I did 3 more things.

Ibotta, Checkout51, and SavingStar.

If pressed for time, you can actually do these in the store while shopping but I preferred the organization of getting my lists ready at home first.

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Ibotta: $4.20

I saved $0.20/each on pasta, bread, broccoli, ice cream, bananas, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, orange juice, green peppers, and lettuce. In addition, I saved $1.00 on Quaker Quinoa granola bars, $0.50 on Quaker Thin Mint Granola bars, and $0.50 on VitaminWater.

Checkout51: $1.50

I saved $0.25 on eggs, $0.25 on lettuce, and $1.00 on uy 4: Buddig™ Original Deli Meats. Plus, since my total order was over $60.00, I was entered into a giveaway to win $500. Y’all know how I love my giveaways. Especially cash!

SavingStar: $3.45

I saved $0.75 on Larabar, $1.00 on Pillsbury refrigerated baking goods, $0.50 on General Mills fruit snacks, $0.15 on tomatoes, and $1.00 on Yoplait yogurt.

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How I saved over $15 on groceries using apps and coupons


$86.10-0.10 ($0.05 x2 of bags)=86.00

$86.00 – 6.50 (coupons) = $79.50

$79.50 – $4.20 (Ibotta) = $75.30

$75.30 – 1.50 (Checkout51) = $73.80

$73.80 – 3.45 (SavingStar) = $70.35

Not too bad for someone just getting back into the swing of couponing.

Especially when every penny counts.


  • Build a stockpile
  • Only purchase items that I can save money on
  • Save at least 50% each shopping trip
  • Purchase more fruits/vegetables than snacky foods

Do you coupon? What are your secret methods? Am I missing out on any good coupon apps?

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