I want to be in a Female Led Relationship

I want to be in a female led relationship (flr).

I have tried conventional marriage and dating and it felt like I was wearing a suit 2 sizes to small and flopping around in shoes 2 sizes to big.

Yeah, it was awkward…for the both of us.

The flr type of relationship is not for everyone.

I get that.

If you are like most people, when you read Female Led Relationship, you either pictured a relationship with some poor hen-pecked husband or your mind snapped to the whip wielding, ball busting man-eater.

Both of which are the product of the male-centric media.

A female led relationship is simply when both parties agrees that the female will be the decision maker.


That’s it.

No leather bustier required.

Of course, this relationship comes in various (yeah, I’m gonna say it) shades of grey.
I have friends who nag their mates but basically run there household.

Technically, that could be described as a female led relationship that is not acknowledged as such.

I have also seen (in prior generations, anyway) men who would could home from work and hand their wives their paychecks.

I suppose that could be another form of a female led relationship.

But neither is what I am seeking.Total Power Exchange (Female Led Relationship). Artist: To Us by Henry Battle 24×36 Black Art Print Poster African-American

I am turned off by those websites that subscribe to the notion that to have a female led relationship, the woman must manipulate, er, train the man with sex.

Or that I must apply domestic discipline (aka fun-ishment).

Or you must lock him in chastity.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

It doesn’t help that when you look up female led relationships, the vast majority of the results are pure male wank fantasy or peddlers of the one twue way.

NEWS FLASH: There is no one true way. Each couple must negotiate through the relationship on their own terms.

What I am seeking is a relationship in which we both happily agree that I am the ultimate decision maker.

I make the rules…and he follows them.

In everyday life, he works lives to make me happy.

I make the rules. He follows them. That is a female led relationship. No bustier or whip required. CLICK TO TWEET

In disagreements, he calmly and respectfully states his opinion, but the ultimate decision is mine.

And, as opposed to the message of femdomme fantasy, I make the decisions in and out of the bedroom.

In my power exchange relationship, he represents me in every facet of his life, including his job so he will strive to be his best at everything that he does.

After work, he comes home to cook and clean (y’know, like women have been doing for generations) and wait on me hand and foot.

Oh, and in the bedroom, if I allow any boudoir activities, let’s just say that my needs come first, if I allow him any, er, release at all.

In other words, I am looking for a total power exchange.

We are comfortable, safe, and fulfilled in our female led relationship (flr). Art work: Pillow Talk ( Romance / Couple ) – Johnny Myers 24×32 Black Framed – African American Black Art Print Wall Decor Poster

The funny thing is that to the outside world, it will probably just look like any other relationship.

Wait. Scratch that.

It will look like the epitome of the ideal relationship that is the envy of all my friends.

His behavior will be described as attentive and he, himself, as a real gentleman.

And I will be described as the happiest woman on the planet.

So, do you know any female led relationships? Are you in one? Would you want to be in one?

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