My Walmart Savings Catcher was deleted

After months and months of inputting my receipt into the Walmart Savings Catcher app, I find myself having to start all over from the beginning.

For those of you not aware, Walmart Savings Catcher is a price matching app of your local grocery store prices that rolled out in August of 2014.

Walmart does not double coupons so this is an additional savings tool to take some change off of their notably low prices.

Savings Catcher is different from a grocery store savings card in the fact that you do not get money off at the register.

Instead, you must input your Walmart receipt into either the Walmart Savings Catcher webpage, use the Walmart Savings Catcher App, or enter the phone number on the keypad associated with your account on the keypad prior to paying.

To login into the Walmart Savings Catcher website or app you use the same Walmart email address associated with your Walmart shopping account.

Manually enter the receipt number and date or use the grocery savings app’s built in QR Code reader to scan the box on the receipt.

If the Walmart savings app finds a lower price at one of your local stores, Walmart will refund you the difference.


And I was well on my way to having $20 in price matches when tragedy of losing it all occurred.

It all started with an order confirmation…an order that I did not place.

Even though the order was for cash, the address looked wonky and that, combined with an email saying that my contact information has been changed, encouragWalmart ordered me to contact Walmart Customer Service.

Walmart, responded promptly, and closed my account…

…but that also closed my Savings Catcher account.

I was advised to contact the Walmart Savings Catcher team directly at 866-224-1663 or via email at to see if they could help.

But, alas, I received the email from the Savings Walmart closes my accountCatcher customer service team informing that they are unable to find my balance.

So, although I was hoping to provide a full spectrum of my Savings Catcher experience, I am unable to complete this review until, Email from Walmart Savings Catcherapparently, I start all over with my receipts.

So, for those of you using it, what is your review of Walmart Savings Catcher?

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