Paidviewpoint really pays

I only recommend companies that I know for a fact that actually pays because they have actually have paid me so I am heartily recommending PaidViewPoint.

Paidviewpoint is one of my favorite survey companies not because it pays a whole lot but because the surveys tend to be really short.

Plus, for everyone who joins Paidviewpoint using my referral link, I can earn up to $25 as every time you cash out, I get 20% of every biz survey reward.

PaidViewPoint : Quick, easy surveys and really pays (with paypal proof).


  • Surveys are short (usually less than a minute)
  • Can be done while watching television
  • Can be done via smartphone
  • The longest survey that I took was less than 10 minutes
  • Website is well-designed and interactive
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  • Surveys can be repetitive
  • Cashout is $15 and at $.10/day it can take  at least 150 days to reach it.
  • It is a pain in the rear to change your email or cell phone number

I have been a member since November 18, 2011 but my lifetime earnings are only $34.18 as I haven’t exactly been diligent in completing my surveys.

In contrast, I have been (slightly) more attentive lately and my year-to-date earnings are already $4.98.

Paidviewpoint Dashboard

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Paidviewpoint pays via Paypal and my last cashout ($15.63) was just July 17, 2015 and my earnings are already back up to $1.40.

Paypal payment from PaidViewPoint

One of your goals as a participant is to reach a trait score of 9000 – 10000 which will place you at the top 20% of participants and means that you actually earn more per survey.

The only way to increase your trait score is to keep taking the surveys daily.

PaidViewPoint Trait Score

So, yep, I am giving PaidViewPoint my stamp of approval as a quick, easy way to earn money from home.

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You want get rich but you will earn a few dollars for just a few minutes of your time everyday.

I am always looking for other ways to make money from home that do not involve a lot of time for very little reward so feel free to leave any recommendations in the comments (with your referral link!!), and I will be sure to give them a try.

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